In 2019, we harvested the grapes for our very first red wine!

Our vines were only 18 months old at this point and not supposed to carry grapes – let alone enough to make any wine of a decent quality. However, Mother Nature’s blessing of great weather made magic possible. We really witnessed the impact of the quality work we put into preparing the soil, selecting the right plant material as well as the extraordinary attention we have been paying to our vines since they first dug their baby roots in the soil of their new home. So, this is our very first red wine. Bright, vibrant, intensely juicy and the true proof of the enormous potential of our land.

We were positively surprised about the great quality of grapes we were able to bring into our cellar on 15 September (Grenache) and 17 September (Merlot). Small quantities of very clean fruit and an aromatic expression that can only be expected from grapes from much older vines. We brought in 700 kg of Merlot and 3,800 kg of Grenache. Not only the phenolic but also physical ripeness was on point and resulted in the optimal alcohol level and a well-balanced acidity and soft tannins. Perfect for our very first red wine, this year made from mainly Grenache with a dash of Merlot to add some spice and structure.

Not all grapes are the equal…

The two neighbouring plots of Grenache and Merlot just next to the winery, direction north, gave us the perfect grapes for the style of red we had in mind for this first year. Both planted on the rockier part of the estate with the roots in immediate contact with lots of pure limestone rocks and great drainage. Limestone provides acidity and freshness to the wine. Something we’re adamant to ensure in all our wines, despite our sunny and warm climate. So, ripe red fruit with ripe tannins, but also a nice, vibrant acidity to keep things in balance.

Gentle winemaking brought out the best …

We decided to keep the youthful and fruity expression intact and did the most gentle and simple winemaking which really allowed the fruit and terroir to shine through. It’s of great importance to us these first years to truly understand the character of our terroir and how the different varieties express it, so for now no oak or anything else to mask the fruit. The grapes were hand-picked, hand-sorted, destemmed 100%, gently crushed and fermented on the skins in a stainless steel vat at approximately 26 °C for 16 days, before a gentle press to separate the juice from the skins. Then the wine rested for six months before we bottled our very first Puig des Teix in March 2020.

Fruit-focused nose brimming with red berries and spice. Lots of cranberries, nutmeg and red pepper.

It also shows cool and vibrant red fruits on the palate. The tannins are silky and well-integrated. Light and young with lots of tension and personality. The first vintage from very young vines shows promising potential for the future.

Our very first red wine works wonders with…

A homemade seared carpaccio of aged sirloin with caramelized beetroots, arugula, shaved parmesan and a few drops of white truffle oil. Did we mention we love also food?

Cold cuts like cecina and Spanish style fuet sausages bring out the best in our red, too. If you want to serve it with something hot, then whip up a parmigiana or bolognese with lots of the sweetest ripe tomatoes you can possibly find.

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