Spring has now surely arrived at Mallorca - after the 3 meters of snow that landed in Serra tramuntana mountains a month ago (we, however, only got rain here in the middle of the island) – it’s been sunny and more than 20C throughout March. This also means that our dear vine plants have awaken from their winter hibernation and are ready for a new season. Our plants are now 4 years old, and we look forward to following their development every year. The older they get, the more they "find balance" in our soil and the higher quality of grapes they produce. So even though we feel very privileged about the quality we have already achieved, it will only keep getting better and better!

Both our white wines, rose wines and not least our Sa Rateta and new Pinot Noir (Randa) from the last batch have received high praises, and are already considered as some of Mallorca's very best wines. We collaborate with several hotels and restaurants on the island, who tell us that our wines are the best from the island! However, we know very well, that we are only just getting started and that there is still a long way to go to reach the quality we aim for - as you know, we aim to make some of the "world's best wines".


In the coming days we will bottle our 2023 spring wines, harvested in August 2022, and the first grapes and now wines made in our new winery. Again, this year, there will be 2 white wines, 1 rose wine and a "summer red wine". You will receive a separate email one of the next few days about ordering and delivery.



Easter is approaching, and we always see the Easter days as the start of a new season at the estate after some quieter winter months.


In the autumn of last year, we had our first art exhibition at the winery with the renowned Danish painter Peter Skovgaard, who is also behind the label of our first "art wine" (2022) - which can also be ordered in connection with the Spring wines.

 In addition to the art wine - which is a magnum (150 cl) - we have also, in collaboration with Galerie Wolfsen (GW), made posters and lithographs of the painting, and these can be bought at the winery and also soon ordered at our Homepage.

Furthermore, Kent Wolfsen has been down here to deliver new paintings by Peter Skovgaard, as some of you members bought several of the paintings from the exhibition in the autumn.

As we ourselves love Peter's pictures, we have chosen to extend the exhibition over Easter and well into spring. You are therefore encouraged to come by and see the beautiful new pictures, and as mentioned you can also take a picture with you home and Peter offers a good discount on his paintings to you BiniVista Family members.


As many of you know, last year we initiated a youth program where we offer young people from Denmark to live at the winery and participate in the daily activities, including helping with visits and events. We are currently replacing our "litter #1", and should you know someone who might be interested in staying with us for 6-12 months, then please encourage them to send an application to me at – we prefer young people who are somehow related to our members.



You will very soon receive more information about our new initiative, a weekly "member's day", which will most likely be every Wednesday from 14.00-22.00, where all members are welcome to come by and enjoy themselves at the estate. In addition to meeting other members over a glass of wine on our lovely terraces, it will be possible to order food. You will hear more about this very soon, and it will also be added to the event calendar on our website.


We can already see that we are facing a busy six months, and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you to the winery when you come to the island - it is always best to write an email to about when you want to come, so that we can be ready to welcome you.

We wish you all a happy Easter.