The most important thing for us at BiniVista is of course to make some really great wines - and we define our wines as honest, unique and "likeable". Three elements that we focus fully on when we work with them in both vineyards and cellar.

However, one of the main pillars of BiniVista as a company is our vision to "Connect People" in Mallorca, Denmark and beyond - we want to create communities and create experiences and value for our members.

One of the ways we intend to create extra value is via our partnerships with companies that add something "extra" to the winery and our concepts within wines, cycling, food and art. You have already been briefly introduced to some of these – our collaboration with Riedel wine glasses, our artist wine (Peter Skovgaard 2022/23) and cycling clothing from Extreme. You will be hearing much more about these in the near future.

We also have 2 partnerships within design – one with the Danish-owned but Palma-based company ScanCom, which sells beautiful and functional outdoor furniture. Our other partner on the furnishing front is our local furnishing and interior design company Villa Wesco, which is located close to the winery in the neighboring town of Santa Maria.

ScanCom or LifeStyleGardenFurniture, as they also call themselves, is a leading global player in the outdoor furniture industry. They deliver innovation and expertise and create excellent products that combine international design expertise with advanced production techniques and furthermore, also have a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

All outdoor furniture at the winery is supplied by ScanCom., and helps to create a cozy and unique atmosphere on our large terraces.

As part of our collaboration with ScanCom, we have made an agreement that BiniVista Family members get a 25% discount when buying furniture from them - you just have to show up at the showroom in Palma and tell them that you are part of BiniVista, and they will offer you the best possible service and as mentioned 25% on all purchases.

You can read more here: ScanCom 

And see the latest catalog here: Catalog 2023

VILLA WESCO is one of Mallorca's leading lifestyle and interior design stores, and is located in the neighboring town of Santa Maria. Villa Wesco stands for high-quality indoor and outdoor furniture, tasteful decorative accessories for indoor and outdoor use and their own brand “WESCO” for kitchen accessories for high-quality outdoor kitchens. Villa Wesco has been responsible for the interior design of the winery, and the first private Finca that we have built.

As a BiniVista Family member, you will receive special discounts for purchases in the store in Santa Maria and also for individual interior design projects. Read more here: Villa Wesco 

Several of you BiniVista Family members have already greatly enjoyed the above-mentioned collaborations, and we hope that many more of you will benefit from these – and we are of course happy to help if you are in doubt as to how exactly this works.