Today Marie has tasted our beautiful rosé 2021 Massanella 358 °, and you can watch the YouTube video here: MASSANELLA 2021

Below you can read all about this wonderful rosé wine

2021 Massanella 1365m 358° (Batch #3)

Our Massanella refined and almost perfected! Made to beautify your summer moments under the sun! The ideal mood-booster...
This vintage we again played a bit around with our beloved rosé wine...

The Grenache for this was harvested on August 18th and 19th, around 12 days earlier then the Grenache for the reds. Set to cool down over night, hand-sorted, de-stemmed and crushed and pressed very slowly in order to bleed of just enough color and aroma compounds from the skins.

After the fermentation was over and the wine racked, we needed to get our hands dirty and do a master blending session here. The Grenache vinified as rosé on it's own very simply did not express the usual beauty of our rosé so we got creative!

First we decided to top up with some Grenache vinified as red and finally added some slightly fruitier Manto Negro vinified as rosé plus a dash of Sauvignon Blanc and that brought out the magic!

How to best enjoy 2021 Massanella
(Tasting note written by Marie on April 17th 2022)

Delicate and charming nose with lots of strawberry, melon, ripe lime and apple blossom. Opens up with apple and crunchy japanese pear. This really smells of spring!

Deliciously pure and elegant on the palate with the same charming fruit as in the nose. This rosé has everything, and its all bound together in perfect harmony with nothing disturbing its precise focus and joyful personality. This is a smooth as silk and as pure as can be.

A finessedriven and highly refined Massanella with less power and but much more intellect than last year!

What to serve with Massanella

This is really the perfect rosé for those much awaited moments under the sun where you just feel like drinking something beautiful and joyful! It is guaranteed to make your smile even bigger and is best accompanied by your favourite music and people! Should you get hungry then do not fret; this will also work wonders with anything langoustine or raw salmon!

How and when to enjoy Massanella

Whenever you feel like putting a smile on your face! Massanella is made for beautifying your spring and summer moments and should be drunk cold and soon, but that won't even be necessary to tell you as that comes naturally.

The basics


91% Grenache, harvested August 18th & 19th (matured in steel tank)

7% Manto Negro, harvested August 24th & September 1st (matured in steel tank)

2% Sauvignon Blanc, harvested August 11th (matured in steel tank)