Our beloved Massanella even more beautiful and charming

We just love our rosé wine! In the first vintage (2020) it was our food-friendly rosé, last years release (2021) was a über-elegant charmeur and so this vintage we wanted to see if we could manage in making a "food-friendly charmeur".
Basically aiming for the charme and finesse of 2021 with a bit more backbone like the 2020. 
Marie has of course tasted it and you can watch the video here: 358° Massanella, 2022


Our beloved Massanella even more beautiful and charming

This year again mainly Grenache, as it was so beautiful that we barely needed to add anything else; so for once a very easy wine to make! Just grapes harvested at the point of perfection, chilled overnight, then destemmed, very gently and slowly pressed - just enough time to get that beautiful pink color we love, and finally set to decant in the vat for a couple of days before racking to a clean vat and set to ferment. After that only time was needed, and finally just before bottling we decided to add a bit extra color, body and spice to it by adding 6% of Cabernet Sauvignon. We proudly present you our best rosé so far. 


How to best enjoy 2022 Massanella

Tasting note written by Marie

Ultra charming and feminine nose with apple blossom, wild strawberries and fragrant red Braeburn apple. Opens up with notes of candied orange peel and apple tart. 
Juicy and lively on the palate with the same charming fruit as in the nose, but opens up with a deeper core and structure below and really expands on your palate. Charming but also serious ;-) Lovely balanced and with a really good long finish with a pleasant slightly bitter note that really makes rosé not only elegant, but highly sophisticated! 

What to serve with Massanella

A spinach leaf salad with big gambas, pink grapefruit, peanuts and an asian style lime, soy, fishsauce and sesame oil dressing


When, where and with whom

Our delightful rosé is the perfect wine to serve on it's own when you want to spoil yourself and those you love. It's THE perfect wine for summer moments under the sun and try adding some frozen strawberries to keep it nicely chilled. However, it has definitely enough "oomph" to match with food and though above suggestion is pure magic this wine is very versatile and also works super well with charcuterie etc.


The basics 

Blend: 94% Grenache & 6% Cabernet Sauvignon


You can read all about the wine here: 358° Massanella, 2022