Newsletter - New Year's greeting

Happy New Year!
Hereby a slightly belated New Year's greeting from Mallorca.
It is time to take a look back on 2023, even though a new exciting year has just begun! A year in which we look forward to making even better wines for you than ever before! The turn of the year kicks off a new growing season (YEAR'S WHEEL) of activities and the very first thing we start with is the extremely important winter work in the vineyards. We work individually with each vine to create the optimal conditions for the production of grapes of a quality and balance that in turn gives us the opportunity to create the kind of wines we love - and these are fruity and fresh wines with lots of character and charm, but lower alcohol than usually here in southern Europe.

2023 was the second vintage made wine in the new winery, and apart from the fact that we have of course now gained more experience in working in the winery, including maneuvering our advanced presses, pumps, tanks and filtering systems, we have also gained an even better knowledge about our various grape varieties and terroir. Among other things, this has meant that we have been able to work with these more individually, amongst others through diverse maceration and fermentation processes. All of which contribute to the wonderful fact that the quality of our wines is only getting better and better year after year.

The harvest was quickly over in 2023. We started on August 1st and harvested the last grape already on September 4th. We ended up harvesting approx. 120,000 tons of grapes, which will result in approx. 90,000 bottles.
2023 was also the year where we could make all 8 of our signature wines - 15° Tomir and 265° Galatzo, which are our 2 white wines, 358° Massanella our rosé wine, and our 5 red wines: 328° Alaro, 315° Alfabia, 157° Randa , 296° Teix and 334° Sa Rateta.

You can still buy these wines on the website, and we managed to deliver the winter package to most of you before Christmas. For those of you, who have not yet ordered the Winter Package 2023, you are encouraged to order this now, since, as you know, membership is based on the purchase of the 2 annual wine packages.
You can order the standard package with 3 wines here:

and the package with our extra wine 296° Teix wine here:

In addition, we made our art-wine which in 2023 in collaboration with the Danish artist Kirsa Andreassen and our winemaker-wine which is made in collaboration with Danish/American Peter Work from Ampelos Cellars in Santa Barbara Hill in California. You can read more about this exciting project HERE.
Finally, we have been able to make 2 very unique wines from selected barrels of Pinot Noir and Syrah, and in only very small quantities.
You will hear much more about these special wines this spring.

In 2023, we again organized 3 major events at the winery – our Easter exhibition, where we present the year's art-wine, a summer party in July and then our harvest party . This tradition – and out Family Fridays - will be continued in 2024, and you will soon be able to read more about these events in our event calendar.

All in all, 2023 has been a very good year for BiniVista, and besides the fact that we are very satisfied with our 2023 wines, which are now enjoying their beauty sleep in the winery, our team has also become even more united, and well prepared to make more great wines!
We have thus entered 2024 with a wonderful positive energy and a desire to make the best possible wines for the pleasure of not least you, our faithful BiniVista Family members.

We are currently approx. 700 members, and expect this year to be able to achieve our goal of total 1,000 members.
We have therefore also gradually started to build strategic partnerships with restaurants and hotels. We have chosen to start by focusing on Mallorca, where we already have our wines on the list in a handful of selected restaurants and hotels. The goal is that we in 2024 will be represented at a number of top restaurants and hotels on the island. However, we also work continuously to create mutually beneficial collaborations with some good Danish, German and Swedish restaurants. During the spring, you will receive an overview of the restaurants and hotels with which we have chosen to collaborate. (And what benefits you as members have in these).

As mentioned above, we are currently busy in the vineyards, and the major work consists in pruning our plants. Since each plant has 7-8 branches which must be pruned and removed, during the 3 months of winter, we have to prune and remove approx. 1 million branches! As this work is very important and must be carried out with great precision, all the branches are pruned manually with scissors. So our vineyard workers are currently very busy!

This leads us to the weather situation. In Mallorca, winter has finally arrived, which makes the field work somewhat easier, but we lack water. It hardly rained in 2023, and neither in November, December nor the beginning of the new year did we get any rain either, so if we have to enter 2024 with a little prayer in our hearts, it is for some rain these next 2 months. But of course preferably at night, so that it does not affect the vineyard work or the boss's bike rides for that matter!

Another thing we are looking forward to in 2024 is completing our 4 houses/fincas that we are building in the vineyards. 2 of the houses will be finished before Easter and the last 2 during summer. We are looking at different concepts with these houses - also projects where a number of members can share these houses or indirectly invest in ownership (private or business) of the estate and thereby obtain access to the houses. If you are interested in hearing more about this, call Søren on +4531233090 or write to


We are really looking forward to this new year, which will certainly, as rule of thumb, bring unforeseen challenges, but we are ready! Of course also to receive visits from all our BiniVista Family members - both for tours and tastings but also just to say hello. Write to us at if you are planning to come to Mallorca and visit us. 
Wishing you all a happy new year.

Love from all of us to all of you!