Newsletter October 2023

A lot has happened since our last newsletter - as you know, the harvest is well finished, and now most of the 2023 wines are also "done" - but of course not completely. The alcoholic fermentation is over and our red wines are currently undergoing the malolactic fermentation and will then rest approx. 12 months in oak barrels.
In order to make room for the young red wines in the about 70% of our barrels that we are using again this year, we have been busy for the last month deciding how we want to blend our 2022 red wines, which have now rested in the barrels for the last 12 months – not only which different varieties and in what percentage, but also which individual barrels we will use for the various blends. You can look forward to the result, and we will surely soon tell you more about the upcoming Autumn Package.

As you already know, the majority of our red wines mature in oak barrels, which partly contribute with structure and taste and partly help to "soften/ripen" the tannin, thus making our wines even more "likeable".

We only use French oak, as it gives a more elegant influence to our wines.

Our barrels are normally 500litres, but this year we have also acquired some 300liter barrels at the request of Peter Work, who is in the process of making our first "Winemakers Wine". You can read more about our cask aging HERE.

As rule of thumb we use our barrels for three years, and this means that our first barrels from 2020 will be replaced this year. Fortunately, we managed to receive our new 2023 barrels in time, and this year the barrels come primarily from Burgundy, namely from the famous coopers; Cadus, Mercurey and Seguin Moreau. We are now preparing the barrels and soon our 2023 wines will find the way their new homes.

Harvest party

Despite the busyness, we of course had time to organise our annual Harvest Party, and even though this year it took place in October, the weather showed itself from its best side and it felt like a lovely summer day. As always, it was a great pleasure to meet you, our BiniVista Family members, under relaxed and festive conditions.

Besides enjoying good wine and food together, this year we also pulled off a glass tasting in collaboration with our partner Riedel, and you are always a little surprised at witnessing just how an important role the wine glass plays when it comes to letting the wine best expresses itself! Remember that through BiniVista Family you can buy Riedel glass with a 25% discount, and we are happy to advise you on glass selection. We also always make glass recommendations under our wine info: see, for example, our Tomir.

Art wine – Kirsa Andreasen
Although we are still a young company, this year we succeeded in creating a tradition!

For the now second year in a row, we have made an Art-Wine, and this year it is in collaboration with the fantastic Danish artist Kirsa Andreassen and Kent Wolfsen from Galerie Wolfsen.

Søren has for many years loved Kirsa's art, and been fascinated by her flowing, dreamy poetry on canvas. Kirsa surprises and impresses with touching, deep stories; often far more intense than the eye initially sees. On the other hand, you feel it immediately - the displacement vibrates just below the surface. In her works, she often draws dogmatically on the landscape painting of the Golden Age. The love and fascination with the period's exalted calm and imagery – composition and light/shadow – is evident, and Kirsa exploits it intelligently. In the foreground she redeems the story and its point, in the background it all rests on the golden age. Kirsa's foreground characters are unique and easily recognizable. The figures, with their round shapes and delicately decorated clothing, seem naive and innocent, and often it is in the details – the disembodied heads – or the titles that the works' controversy lies.

In this year's work of art, Kirsa has united all this, and we couldn't be more proud that she has given us our beautiful "MUSE DE BINIALI"

When Kirsa was visiting us, she took the time to gather inspiration from our entire lovely island, and you will be able to enjoy this when we open our Easter exhibition, with a unique exhibition of Kirsa's paintings inspired by Mallorca.

The next couple of months
Even though the harvest is finished and things are a little calmer, we have many tasks ahead of us before we can call 2023 a wrap. We have to bottle our 2022 red wines and then get them delivered to you members.
We are going to visit Peter Work in California and also our upcoming 2024 Winemaker (and we can't wait to announce this!), and then we are going to start pruning all our dear vines so that they are ready for a new season.
There is always activity at the estate, and remember you are always welcome to stop by for a glass of wine.

Warm Autumn Greetings from Mallorca