Newsletter April

A lot has happened since we sent you the last newsletter in March.

The most important thing is of course the delivery of the Spring Wine Package consisting of 4 wines. 2 white wines and 1 rosé wine produced on grapes from our 2020 harvest, and thus harvested on just 2-year-old vines. We are very proud of the result, as it really should be impossible to make (this good) wine on such young vines. The only possible explanation is that from day 1 we have done everything to ensure the best possible growth conditions for our vines, and here not at least the thorough preparation of our soils and choice of underground irrigation system.

In the wine package you will also find our 2019 red wine, which is an even bigger miracle, as it is made from grapes from only 1-year-old vines, and we dare to proclaim that no one else before us has made such good wine on just 1-year-old vines.

Bottling of our first 2020 wines

Just before Easter, we bottled the first 3 of our 2020 wines - our 2 white wines and one rosé wine.

After a bit of "beginner challenges" we got bottled more than 13,000 bottles between the 3 wines. It was a great day to bottle our first wines at the estate and the atmosphere was packed with excitement. Everyone were super happy with the result of a years hard work in vineyards and winery.

We decided not to bottle our red wines yet as we feel that these will be better resting a little longer in oak barrels. We expect that our red wines to be ready for bottling in July or August, and thus ready for the Autumn Wine Package.

Pick-up day

As mentioned, we bottled the wines for the Spring Package just before Easter, and on April 14th they arrived in Denmark. Very typically literally only a few hours before we had invited our members to come pick up their boxes at our  ”collection day” at Laudrup Vin - there must always be a little stress and excitement (since we is a Spanish company😊).

Despite this (and the cold) we had a really great day. It was great to meet & greet more than 40 of you family members, and taste (the still a bit “travel shocked”) wines with you, and feel your joy and the shared enthusiasm.

Subsequently, we have delivered an additional more than 100 wine packages, and we receive new orders daily.

It’s getting busy at the estate… again!

This last month we have been really busy at the winery and vineyards.


In the month of April, we finished pruning the vines. The work started already during the winter months, but since we have more than 120,000 vines and all work is done manually, it takes some time to get from one end of the vineyards to the other.

We currently have 4 permanent employees who work in the vineyards every day, and from Monday we will also have a Danish intern from Kalø Organic Agricultural School, who will be with us for the next 8 months. So when you next visit the vineyard, you can say hi to  Jesper.


We are also still in the process of grafting the rootstock that we planted last year.

As previously mentioned, last year we chose to only plant rootstocks, and these vines we are now grafting ”in-situ” with plant material (a scion) that we have cut from our existing plants.

This requires a high level of professional knowledge and experience, and to carry out this work, we have brought in specialists from the mainland (Murcia).


Spring had begun - but then came the frost

Already in the month of March we could show you beautiful pictures of our vines waking up from hibernation. They had already formed buds on the branches, and soon after one could see the small young leaves unfolding.

The small buds and leaves are very delicate and do not tolerate frost. Usually this is not a problem in Mallorca as there is rarely spring frost on the island. Unfortunately, things weren’t as normal this year! The night between April 7th and 8th, a bad night frost hit the island.

However, we were really lucky as our little baby plants were hardly affected and the frost will therefore not have much impact on our harvest this year. Not everyone was so lucky. Some of our neighbouring estates lost - as in Bordeaux and Burgundy - up to 70% of this year's grapes.

This clearly shows that we are subject to the whims of nature and Mother Earth, and we praise ourselves lucky - and hope that spring frost does not become normal in Mallorca, ever!

The construction is in full action.

As you know, we are in the process of building both a Finca and the new large winery.

Especially the latter is moving really fast now and we are close to having finished the constriction of the “shell” of the construction.

It has only taken 4 weeks to set up the entire basic structure, and we will soon be ready to start the rest of the construction.

We expect the finished winery with all installations to be completed in a year and thus ready for the autumn of 2021.

The vineyard will be approx. 3,500 sqm, and will have a capacity of production of 250,000 litres of wine.

Equipment for the winery

We also spent the month of April closing agreements regarding. production equipment and installations for the new winery.

We have now finally signed agreements regarding tanks, wine presses, pumping plant, filtration plant, bottling plant, etc. and not to be forgotten the so very important cooling systems.

We have only chosen the absolute best production apparatus, so that we have the best conditions to work with our precious grapes and make some absolutely fantastic wine for you again!


Remember the virtual tasting on May 7th 2021

Friday May 7th at 5.30 pm CET, as you already know, we are organising a virtual tasting of the wines in the Spring Package from the winery at Mallorca - this is another good reason to order the wines now, in order for  you to taste them together with us.

Invite friends to join the BiniVista Family

We are already more than 200 members of the BiniVista Family, but this year we have enough wine to grow to around 300-400 members, so we hope you already feel like ambassadors for BiniVista, and we encourage you to invite good friends to become part of the family.

We think it could be nice that it is you, our BiniVista Family members, who find the future new family members, so that you help to "decide" and "choose" our new extended family.

Many thanks to all of you who have already been good ambassadors. Hopefully it is a little easier now, as you can offer a good glass of wine from the Spring Package. We always call our bottled babies our “liquid business card”!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the winery

Even more now than ever, we look forward t the world opening up, so we can welcome you all at the winery - until then, we hope to meet you online on Friday!