WineMakers Program - and “See you soon again" to Peter Work 

This year we started our WineMakers Program, and since it was a brand new exersize for everyone, it was difficult to predict exactly how it would go. Of course, we ourselves had very high hopes for program, and with Peter Work as the first WineMaker, our expectations were way up there. 

And we can already reveal that the past few weeks with Peter at the winery have exceeded all our expectations - it simply could not have gone any better! 

The timing has been perfect - Peter himself was able to help harvest the 3 grape varieties that he chose, and managed to be involved in the entire initial phase and thus control the maceration and fermentation processes himself, and he also carried out manual pigage himself on a daily base.

 Peter is now back in Santa Barbara Hills, and about to start harvesting his own grapes, so it's a double-busy 2023 harvest for him.

Flying back home Peter took a bit of time to share his experiences, and we would like to share them with you - it is really exciting reading.

This is a link to Peter's NEWSLETTER.

Joan, Marie, Søren, Julia, Bibi og Peter