Busy months

The last couple of months has been very busy for Team BiniVista.

BiniVista Family

In November we launced our BiniVista Family concept. BiniVista Family has been very well received and we are already approx. 130 member families. This year we have wine packages for approx. 400 members, so we still appreciate if you would kindly mention us to friends and family who you think might be interested in coming along on our "wine adventure".

Wine in oak barrels

This year is the first year we decided to let some of our wines mature in oak barrels. We have purchased 20 pcs. 500-liter barrels of French oak from two different French coopers to test different qualities and styles.

This year we have chosen to barrel age our Syrah (3000 liters), Merlot (500 liters), Grenache / Syrah (1000 liters) and Pinot Noir (4,000 liters).

The plan is for the Merlot to spend approx. 2-3 months in barrel, and then be blended with our un-oaked  Grenache and be included in the April wine package.

The other wines are expected to spend around 6 months in barrel , and thus be included in the autumn wine package.

In our library you can read more about barrel ageing and our philosophy regarding this - https://binivista.com/da/blogs/library/oak-barrel)

Work in the vineyards

In these winter times, we have a lot to do in the vineyards. Our vines are "sleeping" at the moment, but this also means that it is the time to prune and shape the plants so that they are ready for growth and the flowering season in May. We remove all superfluous branches, and - if this has not already been done last year – shape the vines into a T-shape.

This is manual work and requires high professional skills. The work is carried out by Xisco, Ahmed, and Equardo, who all three are permanent employees and only work for BiniVista. In addition, we get help from 3 skilled workers from Murcia, who are staying at the winery during this period. We have more than 125,000 vines, so even for 6 experienced workers, there is plenty to do. You can read more about pruning in the library (https://binivista.com/en/blogs/library/pruning).

Start of the construction of our new winery (bodega).

It has now been almost  3 years since we submitted our application to build a new winery in the middle of our vineyard. After much difficulty (there are also many rules and a lot of bureaucracy in Spain) , we have now finally been given “green light” to start the construction and are set off to a good start.

In less than 2 weeks, we have excavated the foundation and the basement - and thus removed more than 9,000 m³ of soil and stones! In total, the new winery will end at around 3,000 m², of which the cellar itself makes up more than the half. We expect the entire structure to be ready before the end of April, and that it will then take another years time to complete the winery, so that we are ready for the harvest of 2022.

In addition to optimal conditions for the production of our wines, the new winery will also create the perfect settings for events for our BiniVista Family.

Start of construction of our first finca (house).

Similarly, after 3 years of paperwork and waiting, we have now finally been given the green light to build the first of our houses (finca) in the middle of the vineyards. Besides being beautifully nestled in the midst of our vineyards, the house offers stunning views of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range.

We have not yet fully decided what role the house - and the other future houses - will play in relation to the BiniVista Family, so more on this at a later stage.

The first wine package

We expect to bottle our first four 2020 wines by mid-March, in order for these to be ready for delivery in April. When the wines are ready for delivery, you will receive an order link.

We are currently finalizing labels and ordering bottles, capsules and corks so that everything is ready for the bottling.

You can read more about our 2020 wines here: https://binivista.com/da/collections/upcoming-wines