Newsletter - Summer is just around the corner - and with golf and cycling events.

The spring wines have been delivered

For the past 14 days, we have been sending out the new spring-wines to our members in Spain and Denmark and within few days the wine will be delivered in Germany and now also Sweden. Within a short time we will be releasing our tasting videos, where you can learn more about the wines, and if you haven't already tasted them, you have something to look forward to. They are PURE SUMMER IN A BOTTLE, and we have already received lovely positive feedback from the members who have tasted the wines at the winery.

There are still some of you who have not ordered the Spring Package, and it’s still not too late! Remember that it is a prerequisite to maintain membership that you buy the 2 annual wine packages. We have soon reached our member-max of 1,000 members, so if you do not order the wine packages, the membership will automatically be deleted.

The spring wine package Bach#7 can be ordered HERE.

Everyday life at the estate

After a somewhat quieter winter, the vineyard is again buzzing with life. We have a lot of visitors every day, and not least many members, who come by to say hello - and we love this! If you are coming to Mallorca this summer or autumn, you are always welcome, but it is always best to write to us at, so that we can be ready to give you a good experience.

Again this year we, will be doing the special BiniVista Family days - more on this later.

We think it's really great that you use the winery and tasting rooms more and more for your own private events - this year we will organize birthdays, weddings and other anniversaries here for our members, and even some business events.

So contact us if you are planning to organize an event in Mallorca.

We are not only busy inside the winery and the tasting room - it is also really busy outside, as there is a lot of work with the vines at this time of year. Fortunately, we have many skilled and dedicated employees who take care of our dear vines with great care and diligence, so that we can make even better wines again this year.


In addition to the ongoing tours and tastings with tapas and special events for members, we also have our annual recurring events.
This Easter we opened the doors for our annual art exhibition, with Kirsa Andreasen's beautiful collection of paintings called  "Fruit on the Ground" and introduced our new art wine that carries one of her works on the label. The exhibition open all summer and autumn, so you can still see Kirsa's fantastic pictures, which are all motifs of our fantastic nature around the vineyard. The pictures can be bought by members, and this year's art wine and poster/lithograph of the year's art label can also be bought on the website HERE.

The next event is our annual cycling day – BiniVista Tour. It is 15/6 and you can read more under events HERE - but in short, we invite entire Bike-Mallorca to a party at BiniVista.
This year we are also organizing a golf event in collaboration with one of our members, Tina Petterson. It is Friday 28 June at Son Quint golf course. If you are interested in participating, write to as soon as possible - and read more HERE.

Also this year we will kick off the BiniVista Family Fridays from 5 July onwards  - see the calendar.

Finally, the date for this year's Harvest Festival is set for Saturday 28 September, where we as always will host a blast of a party!
And there will possibly be even more things happening, so stay tuned!

Remember that you can order more wine on the website, and in addition to the wines in the new Spring Package, the wines from our Winter Package 2023 have now been bottled for more than 6 months, and are now really delicious and ready to drink.

Wine surprise

As you know, we make 8 signature wines each year, of which 7 wines are included in the 2 annual wine packages, and the last one (296 Teix) can be purchased as an extra. When we made our latest red wines in autumn 2023 (Batch#6), however, we were very positively surprised by the contents of 4 of our barrels. The quality of the wine in these barrels was exceptionally good, and we therefore chose to make 2 special wines, which you will soon be introduced to. They are very simply fantastic, and thus, we will dedicate a separate newsletter for them , which you will soon receive.

Have a great summer and see you in Mallorca

It is great to see that it has also finally become warmer in Denmark, but it seems that we Danes don't quite dare to believe that the summer will last and thus make a pilgrimage to Mallorca instead! ,- We have a calendar already fully booked, and we are very much looking forward to all the visits and to talking about our history and our wines. We therefore also expect to be able to reach our goal of 1,000 members this year, and thus close the admission of new members. We love to tell our story, but we are also looking forward to the next chapter, where we will fully concentrate on you existing members, and bring you further into our world and the world of wine.
Have a great summer and see you in Mallorca
Joan, Marie, Søren, Julia, Bibi