Started from scratch in 2017

When I started building a winery from scratch three years ago I had many considerations regarding our name, logo and storytelling. I had many ideas for a name, but it was difficult to find one that was available and not already used somewhere in the world.

The BiniVista name

However, early on I decided to use the word ’Bini’ in the name. Our winery is located in Biniali and the nearest big city is Binissalem. I studied the name and realised that ’Bini’ is Arabic and was brought to Mallorca by Moors and it means ’the home of’. In other words, Biniali was the home of Ali. One day I was with some good friends, and we discussed the future name and the project. Someone mentioned that the view from our estate is very beautiful, facing the mountain of Sierra de Tramontana. So the name ’the home of the view’ came up – or BiniVista. The same evening I googled the name, and I was the first ever to search for the word. Five minutes later I had registered the name.

The compass

Very early in the process I also decided on using the compass as part of our logo as we wanted the mountains to be part of our story.

Our labels

This is the reason why our wines are named after mountains and the direction of the mountain. Our first white wine is name 15° and Puig Tomir, and the motive on the label is the mountain Puig Tomir. It’s located at an angle of 15° from our winery.

New logo

We are really proud of the story behind our name and labels, but somehow, we felt that our logo didn’t communicate this and our other values. So, in order to express more of our DNA, we developed a new logo and new labels with the help of strategic design company Hello Great Works. We wanted to keep the compass, but also reflect the feeling of Mallorca, the mountains and the fact that we’re a winery.

We are very proud and happy to show you our new logo and future design of our labels.