Update from the winery

It has been a while since we last sent you a proper update – We have very simply been crazy busy making our new spring wines and completing the new winery.

Bottling of the Spring Package

In April, we bottled our four 2021 Spring Wines, and most of you members have already had a chance to enjoy them – we are very happy to hear that you love our brand new rosé and summer red wine. Those of you who have not yet ordered the package can click to order HERE, where you can also order extra of all our 2020 and 2021 wines (as long as stock lasts).

Marie has also made some tasting videos, and if you have not already seen these, then we can only recommend this highly, as you will get a fantastic introduction to our new wines. You can watch the videos here: VIDEOES

Completion of the winery

The process of building the new winery has been very hectic from the very beginning. Amongst other things, due to Covid, we were only able to start construction in January 2021 and, according to the permit, the winery had to be completed by 30/4 2022.

16 months to build the "world's most advanced" winery put great demands on everyone - not only our own team, but also all our advisers and partners. There has naturally been a lot of challenges, but the bottom line is that the authorities approved the construction on April 25th, and on April 30th we were able to submit all the paperwork to the relevant authorities.

We are currently in the process of decorating with furniture and art and have already organized several large events, and are very much looking forward to welcoming you and showing you around our new beautiful "home".

2022 harvest

The 2022 harvest is just around the corner, and we are super busy in the vineyards to ensure optimal quality of our grapes. It is not yet entirely possible to assess the final quality and size of this year's harvest, but here at the beginning of July everything looks really promising, and we are looking forward to using the new winery for the first time - the change from the old winery to the new will be like switching from a small Polo to a giant Audi.

The team

We have also spent time strengthening our winemaker team. Last year, German Julia became part of the team as a winemaker, and this year we have hired Juan (Bibi), who we have "adopted" from one of our neighbouring wineries. Most recently we have hired Italian Nicola, who comes with extensive experience from wine production around the world - also in Mallorca. Together with Marie and Søren, our new "five-leaf-clover" will be responsible for achieving our goal of making the world's best wines. We look forward.

Youth program

We have also found the 6 young people who will be living and working at the vineyard next year, and we look forward to them starting this August. You will definitely get to know them really well, as they will also be helping with our events within cycling, art and food.

Grand Opening

We would also like to remind you that the Grand Opening has been moved to 24/9 2022 but you are still welcome on 30/7 2022 - remember to register at info@binivista.

You can read more HERE.


Many of you are already visiting the vineyard, and we would appreciate it if you go to TripAdvisor and review us  - TRIPADVISOR

Wishing you a happy summer

Happy summer to you all - We hope to see you at the winery, and remember that we continue to have open doors at the winery on 30/7 between 14-22.00 (remember registration info@binivista.com).

The warmest greetings