Newsletter June 2023


Summer has finally arrived - not only here in Mallorca, but also in Denmark.


The timing of the delivery of the summer wines in our Spring Package 2023 couldn't be better. Some of you have not yet ordered, but this can of course still be done at: SPRING PACKAGE 2023 BATCH#5 and you can still buy the reds wines in BATCH4

We have already received a lot of positive feedback from you and are very pleased to hear that you agree that the quality is even higher this year. Although we still love our 2021 wines, there is no doubt that another year has passed in the vineyards and our plants have become more "mature". In addition, the fact that our 2022 wines are the first to be produced in our new state-of-the-art winery certainly also plays a big role here. 

So enjoy, everyone - and as always, we value your feedback on our wines. If you haven't already seen them, you can watch the videos on YouTube where Marie tastes the wines: YOUTUBE-BINIVISTA



During spring, we have received many visits to the winery, and we are especially pleased that many of you, our members, have come to see us. All members are always welcome to stop by the winery – either to just  say hello or to participate in actual tours, where we also serve our delicious homemade tapas. However; it is always best to send us an email if you would like to visit (

Over the course of summer, we are now introducing a BiniVista Family Day. This means that we have a fixed weekly day where we have OPEN HOUSE for you members (with family and friends). We are still yet to find out how this works best for everyone, but for now starting from 7/7 2023 we will open our doors every Friday from 14.00-20.00 (?), where you can meet other members over wine and tapas  (tapas between 17.00-19.00). For now, we have set a price of EUR 27/per person, but as mentioned, we need to gain experience with this, so changes can be expected.  

For planning purposes, please sign up at and indicate number of guests - or directly on the website: BiniVista Family Day.

We hope to see many of you over the summer.

The first Friday for OPEN HOUSE is July 7th between 14-20.00, and then consecutively every Friday throughout the summer.


This year we are also throwing a summer party at the estate, with wine, food, music and celebration. You can already mark Saturday July 29th in your calendar. A separate invitation will be sent out shortly.

You can already now look forward to a great day on the winery’s large terraces with chilled wine, music and, not the least, a barbecue.


The harvest is always the highlight of the year, and even though we can't yet predict what this year's harvest will be like, it will without doubt be worth celebrating. So already now go ahead and mark your calendars for October 7th - if we manage in achieving the same fantastic party atmosphere as last year, there is something grand to look forward to. 


In addition to the high level of activity at the winery during the first half of the year, we have also moved forward with many of our other activities. In the near future you will hear more about 1) the start of collaborations with restaurants both in Mallorca and in Denmark, 2) our new cycling clothes, 3) cycling events, 4) art events, and 5) book launch (HIP WINES) and much more.

In addition, we are well on our way to finalizing our "Fincas", which are nestled in the middle of the vineyards. One of the houses has already been sold and before the end of the year, 2 of the remaining 4 houses will be ready. The houses are for sale, but it is possible that we will have access to some of these houses for a period of time in order to rent them out to you members.

The houses are for sale through our dear BiniVista Family members Christian and Bitten from Bolig-Udland, and you can read more about the houses here: Bolig Udland 

We look forward to enjoying a busy summer and fall together with you. 

Love from Mallorca