Our much loved summer red wine Alaro in its second vintage

Last year we created a Grenache based light and fresh red wine that was sent out together with the whites and rosé, only half a year old and you all loved it so we decided to do it again!

Marie has of course tasted it and you can watch the video here: 328° Alaró, 2022


2022 Alaro 825m (Batch#5)

Following the wise saying " Why fix it if it ain´t broken" we did an almost identical copy of last years Alaro with 87% of fresh and vibrant Grenache spiced up with 13% lush and rich Merlot from barrel. The Grenache was kept in steel tank to preserve its primary fruit and energy the best way possible and the Merlot aged for some 6 months in a French oak barrel to soften up and gain further complexity. The two met each other in total harmony in one of our very first blending sessions and as it once again seemed like a match made in heaven we did not fickle any further with the wine. 


How to best enjoy 2022 Alaro

Tasting note written by Marie 

Strawberries, strawberries and strawberries! The nose is just crazy…. In the very best way possible. So juicy and fresh and yummy with also some notes of red apple, red peppercorns and blood orange and a lovely graphite note too.  Marvellously juicy also on the palate with such a perfect balance between the ripe acidity and fruity complexity. This wine is almost begging to be enjoyed in big sips and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face with its contagious charm and lovely velvety texture. Our “happy wine”!
What to serve with Alaro

Almost everything or nothing at all… This is truly an all-round wine, but I cannot help dreaming about serving this with a great carpaccio, super classic with parmesan and a handful of rocket leaves and the best possible olive oil!


When, where and with whom

As mentioned above this is like the most versatile red wine you can possibly find and the perfect choice for that glass of wine when you just cannot help it... We ourselves love sipping Alaro while cooking! But also when you have friends over for a pot-luck get-together and need a wine that can handle a bit of everything and is capable of making everyone smile at the same time.


The basics 

Blend: 87% Grenache (matured in steel tank) & 13% Merlot (matured in oak barrel) 


You can read all about the wine here: 328° Alaró, 2022