Today Marie is tasting our the Alaro 328° (Batch #3) and the last wine of our 4 different Spring wines. 

You can see the YouTube video here: ALARO 2021

and below you can read all about this wonderful wine.

2021 Alaro 825m 328° (Batch #3)

Our very first red blend from 2021! -and the perfect wine for your summer afternoons in the sunshine! With our without food, but always chilled and in the best company...

During the pre-blending work on our 2021 whites and rosé in December 2021 we also tasted through all the reds. Both the ones resting in steel tanks and those in barrels. None of our reds were blended at this point and as such, all resting as the original monovarietals they were born.

It became very clear to us that we wanted to make a Grenache based red wine to be released early with all it's young charm and fruity splendor.

During the final blending adjustments in January we decided to add in a small proportion of our merlot resting in oak to give it a bit more flesh and sexiness.

This beautiful fruit forward wine was bottled together with the whites in March 2022 and shipped to our members as part of the spring package / Batch #3.

How to best enjoy 2021 Alaro
(Tasting note written by Marie on April 17th 2022)

This is soo exiting! Our very first vintage of Alaro…. And it smells totally yummy! The nose boasts of red berries; like very ripe raspberries, blueberries and red currants. Behind the fresh berry notes there’s a warmer and deeper core of aromas like crushed pepper, nutmeg and even a touch of licorice.

On the palate its juicy, fresh and very difficult not to drink in big sips! Drinkability factor is at top level here. This is such a charming and pure red wine really, and by no means simple what so ever. Its dynamic, packed with sweet charming fruit and yet with just enough backbone and structure to give it that oomph that we love. Silky smooth tannins and just lovely!

What to serve with Alaro

Tuna! A big thick piece nicely marbled with fat. Give it 1 min on the grill on each side leaving it perfectly raw inside. Top with a salsa made from the best olive oil you can find, chopped red onion, chives, capers and a dash of lemon juice and you’re guaranteed a ticket to paradise! Or indulge in a big glass, or more, of Alaro on its own in the sunset light!

How and when to enjoy Alaro

Now! Serve and enjoy immediately and without any further ado in terms of, well anything really! This is so yummy to drink right now, that you won't even need to consider how long it can age, but should you want to know, then we recommend you drink this over the summer to enjoy it in it's youthful beauty. Should you happen to forget a few bottles in the cellar then do not worry. This will also taste great next year, but then again, why wait? We will have a new young Alaro for you by then.

The basics


90% Grenache, harvested September 6th & 7th 2021 (matured in steel tank)

10% Merlot, harvested August 19th 2021 (matured in oak barrel)