Fermentation completed

The fermentation of our wines is now completed, and all the skins are removed from our red wines. We have also done most of the racking of the wines.

We have 28.000 liters of wine

The result of this year’s harvest is approximately 28,000 litres of wine – 5,000 litres of white wine (two different blends), 3,800 litres of rosé wine and about 17,000 litres of red wines (Pinot Noir, Grenache, Merlot, Callet and Syrah).

High quality

We honestly feel that the quality of the grapes are very high and we have the opportunity to make some very good wine this year.

Two white wines

We have already decided the blends of the white wines. We will do a Sauvignon Blanc/Viognier and a Chardonnay/Giró Ros. The first one has already proved to be very harmonious and the taste is amazing.


Four red wines

Regarding red wines we will do a Pinot Noir (perhaps a blend) and three blends. We haven’t decided yet, but most likely one will be based on Callet and another on Garnacha.

We‘re also yet to decide which ones will go into barrels, except for the Pinot Noir which will surely be matured in oak.


One rose wine

Our rosé wine will be based on Callet and Garnacha.

Overall, we are extremely satisfied with our wines this year and can’t wait see the wines develop in the coming months.