Our first harvest

Last year we did our first harvest and at that time our vines were 18 months old. We harvested 10,000 kg of grapes, and as we didn’t expect to have quality grapes so soon we didn’t process the grapes ours selves, but with help from our good friends at Es Verges – the family winery of our winemaker Jaume Fullana.

The harvest of 2020

This year we were prepared for the harvest ­– or almost. We had planned to start in the middle of August, and our new machinery and tanks were to be delivered end of July and first week of August. However, very hot weather in July meant that our white grapes and Pinot noir were ready and ripe for harvest in the first week of August.

Crazy first week

The first week of harvest was crazy. Doing the picking and processing the grapes while also installing and testing all the equipment was very hectic. The whole team worked from early morning to late evening, and we ended up having one full tank of white wine and one full tank of Pinot Noir.

The second week was more relaxed

The following week we could relax a little. We only had to harvest the remaining white grapes and our Merlot grapes, and the processing was easier as we were more familiar with the machinery, and our new tanks were all installed and connected to our cooling system.

The harvesting in two months

From start August we have harvested almost every week, and on 28 September we finished the harvest by picking the local variety Gorgollasa.

Total harvest of 40.000 kg of grapes

In total, we ended up with more than 40,000 kg of grapes divided on 11 different sorts of grapes. We don’t want to brag, but the quality seems fantastic. Now we’re ready and looking forward to producing our 2020 wines.