You can now order the Spring Package 2024 (Batch #7)

Although we already bottled our new spring wines just before Easter, we have chosen to let them rest a bit before releasing them, so you don't have to wait too long before you can open them and enjoy them at home these coming months of spring and summer. 

The Spring Package 2024 (Batch#7) and our Kirsa Andreasen Kunst-Vin are of course now ready for pick up or delivery on Mallorca and currently on their way from Mallorca to Denmark and Germany. Again this year, the Spring Package contains 2 white wines, 1 rosé wine and a summer red wine.
You can already now go in and order the Spring Package (Batch #7) and our new Art Wine, which was made in collaboration with the Danish artist Kirsa Andreasen. We have only been able to make a limited number of bottles of the latter wine, and primarily in magnum bottles, so it is sold somewhat on a "first-come, first-served" basis, and since it is ABSOLUTELY fantastic, we can only encourage you to place your order as soon as possible! 

If you are a member of the BiniVista Business Network, just use NetWorkBatch#7 as the discount code.
A little bit about the 5 wines, which you can also read a lot more about on the website:
358 Massanella: Our rosé comes this year with as many as 2 warnings! It is both impossible not to fall in love with and COMPLETELY impossible to spit out... Highly addictive!
15 Tomir: Our yet most precise and versatile Tomir with both the usual fresh dynamic fruit, but this year also with a little more backbone and intellect!
265 Galatzo: This year in a class of its own with its velvety structure and completely seamless finesse and depth.
328 Alaro: As always, a mouthful of red berries and happiness, but this year also with a bit of muscle and weight.
Kirsa Andreasen art wine: A unique rosë with depth and sould, inspired by Kirsa’s painting for us: “Muse of Biniali”.

We have had a poster of this year's Art Wine made, which can be ordered (Order HERE) and 35 unique  giclee-prints of the original painting, which can also be ordered on a first-come, first-served basis (Order HERE).

You can still order our Winter package Batch#6 and the individual wines from previous packages if you are "missing" some of our other wines.

Select delivery location

You have to choose your preferred delivery method when ordering.

Just like last year, you can choose between having the wine delivered to one of your chosen addresses in Denmark, Mallorca/Spain/Germany/Sweden, picking it up at the winery in Mallorca or at Laudrup Vin in Denmark.

Pick up yourself

This time we are also organizing a PICK UP day in Denmark, where you can pick up the wine yourself and also always by

Laudrup Vin, Mileparken 13, 2740 Skovlunde Friday 3/5 from 15-16.45.

This year, unfortunately, we cannot be there ourselves, as spring has REALLY announced its arrival and our vineyards need all our hands down here these weeks.

However, we will do another event in Denmark over the summer.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing your feedback on these 2023 wines of ours (and please share your experiences on Facebook/Instagram) – This is the second vintage we have made 100% in our brand new and state-of-the-art winery, and we ourselves are really satisfied with the quality, and can taste that the vines are getting older year by year, and that we are continuously getting to know our grapes better.

The warmest spring greetings

Bibi, Søren, Marie, Julia, Joan