A Galatzó of pedigree! 

We always thought of Galatzó as our "Chardonnay based food wine", but also always with some proportion of our local hero Giro Ros to ensure the best possible balance, complexity and also authenticity. The Giro very simply tastes SO much better after this one more year of ageing. So instead of blending in Giro Ros from 2022 we added 15% of Giro from 2021 and oh my; what a beautiful idea that was!

Marie has of course tasted it and you can watch the video here: 265° Galatzó, 2022


A Galatzó of pedigree! 

The proportion of Giro Ros the two first vintages have been considerably higher than this time. Mainly due to the fact that we did not have enough Chardonnay actually! But this vintage Mother Nature gifted us with an abundant and healthy crop of Chardonnay. Enough to make both a 85% Chardonnay based Galatzó AND a sweet wine! (Es Trenc).

We did not decide on the 85/15 blend "at the office", but by tasting the Chardonnay from tank it very quickly became clear that we had something of extraordinary quality this year and thus, did not wanted to dilute its beauty with too much of anything else. 

But of course we wanted some percentage of Giro Ros in there... any now it get's really interesting. Already last year we decided to "always" leave a part of our Giro Ros resting one additional year longer than the other wines, and in a mixture of different barrels and steel tank. 


How to best enjoy 2022 Galatzó

Tasting note written by Marie 

Very sophisticated nose with a highly pure and mineral expression of Chardonnay, almost like a great Chablis! Also the first year we have so much Chardonnay in this wine. Fresh golden delicious apple, apple blossom. Some hay and lots of honeydew melon. Opens up with a juicy ripe lemon note and a touch of patisserie like a lemon tart with creme anglaise! Smooth and seamless on the palate with the same superbly pure fruit expression and a marvellous vibrant acidity that lifts the wine up and carries it though the long and velvety finish. It really soars on the palate in such an effortlessly elegant way and yet with quite some weight and lots of complexity here. 
What to serve with Galatzó

Lemon-butter sole served with new potatoes and parsley if your in the mood for something classic or try it with a Vitello Tonnato if you're up for a walk on the wild side.


When, where and with whom

As always Galatzó is our "food wine" meaning that it really shines when served with the right food. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy a glass of it on it's own, but due to its structure and complexity it really unfolds its beauty with the right food and in the right wine glass. This is also the white wine you might want to experiment decanting and serve at a bit higher temperature.


The basics 

Blend: 85% Chardonnay & 15% Giro Ros (2021)


You can read all about the wine here: 265° Galatzó, 2022